This 27-Year-Old Millionaire Will Pay You $55K To Travel With Him And Take Pictures For His Instagram

You don't even need any photography experience or an expensive camera!

A lot goes into those perfect Instagram photos. You need the right background, the right angle, the right filter … and for one man, an investment of $55,000. That’s how much Australian millionaire Matthew Lepre, the founder of Ecom Warrior Academy, is offering to pay a personal photographer to go with him on his around-the-world travels and snap pictures for his Instagram account.

The 27-year-old entrepreneur posted the job ad on Instagram (naturally) and said the full-time role didn’t require any experience or even an expensive camera. In fact, all the person needs is a smartphone. Lepre also said he would cover all expenses and provide proper training and equipment. And his future photographer could even bring a friend along for the ride.