You Can Rent This Giant (Fake) Potato On Airbnb For $200 A Night

The inside is nice and cozy!

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping inside of a spud? If so, plan your next vacation in Boise, Idaho, so you can experience the inside of a six-ton, potato-shaped hotel.

Even though it looks like a tuber, this potato isn’t filled with yummy goodness. It’s made from steel, plaster and concrete, and you can hang out in it if you book it through the listing on Airbnb.

Originally built by the Idaho Potato Commission to represent its potato growers and transformed by tiny house builder Kristie Wolfe, the potato is 12 feet wide, 28 feet long and 11 1/2 feet tall — which makes it the perfect little place to relax.

Want to know what you’re getting into before signing up? There are plenty of photos on the hotel’s Instagram account, as well as in the Airbnb listing.

The exterior is surprisingly lovely, as seen in the image below: