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You Can Get A Flight Of Boozy Caramels For Just $6 At Disney World

Yum! These sound delicious!

Walt Disney World keeps finding fun and imaginative ways to cater to adults, especially when it comes to their food and drink menus. Grownup Disney fans can duck into a lounge for a nightcap. Or they can head over to Epcot’s annual International Food and Wine Festival to sample dishes from all around the world.

But every once in a while, diehard Disney foodies can find a hidden treasure tucked away in the everyday magic of the parks. One of the most recent (and delicious) discoveries is a new flight of — wait for it — boozy caramels!

Numerous food bloggers who specialize in all things Disney stumbled across this sweet sampler while touring Epcot’s World Showcase. Inside the Germany pavilion is an incredible shop called Karamell-Küche. The store specializes in caramel treats and you can find everything from freshly-made caramel popcorn to decadent candies. And while it’s true that these goodies will make kids of all ages crave something sweet, their new four-piece flight of caramels is strictly for the adults!

The discovery of this flight was so unexpected that when Disney Food Blog posted about it, the Disney Cast Members didn’t even have all the details yet about the candy flavors!