The World’s Longest Cruise Visits 7 Continents In 357 Days

If you’re looking for the adventure of your lifetime, well, I’m pretty sure this is it. That’s if you can afford it, of course. But, before we get into the pricing, let’s discuss what exactly you’d be getting yourself into. I mean, this would be the most epic journey you’d ever take, after all.

How would you like to set sail to all seven continents in a trip around the world? Does that sound like the most grand adventure ever? Yep, thought so. It’ll take you 357 days to complete the trip. Oh, and you better start packing because you leave January 2017.

Mundy Cruising, a UK-based company, has planned what they call “no ordinary world cruise,” which leaves from Miami, Florida and then spends the next year traveling the world. If you’ve got a spare $155,000 lying around, you can feel free to join in on the fun.

The itinerary has stops in each continent and will allow you to experience everything from Machu Picchu in Peru to the Brazilian rainforest, the Amalfi coast in Italy and the icebergs of Greenland, the wonders of Dubai and South Africa, and all that Thailand, Singapore, Alaska and even Antarctica (!) have to offer. This trip is no joke.


In case you are worried about being away for a full year, the cruise has organized breaks planned. You’ll get 13 to 39 days to go home and re-pack for the next leg of your trip, and that airfare is already counted into the final $155,000 price tag.

So, don’t worry, you’ll get to go on vacation and still see your family. Because it’d be hard to be on a ship for the next year of your life, I suppose.

“It has the appeal of a world cruise but can be done in manageable chunks,” a spokesperson for Mundy Cruising told the Telegraph. “It’s ideal for those who want the opportunity to return home and prepare for the next trip.”

It’s not everyday that you get to spread out mini-vacations to each continent over the course of a year. But, then again, this is no average vacation package. Who’s ready to hit the open water? I know I am! Now, if only I could find that spare cash I had lying around…

[h/t: Mental Floss]