This Wooden 12-Sided Calendar Is So Much Cooler Than A Traditional Desk Calendar

Do you know what a dodecahedron is? If you were paying attention in geometry, you may know that, according to Wikipedia, it’s “any polyhedron with 12 flat faces.” That is just about what this nifty desktop calendar is—one side for each month of the year. If you’re into the minimalist look and can’t be bothered with the usual calendars you get at the mall kiosks in December, then this design by Ric Bell may be for you. Bell is a designer and head of a London design studio called Post. According to Wired, he wrote a note to himself in 2012: “Post a calendar on a 12-sided shape.”

Fast-forward to 2016 and here it is: the DodeCal.



According to the DodeCal website, the polyhedron calendar has been created using precise mathematical methods and is crafted in European Sycamore. The site also notes that the calendars are sustainably produced in support of British industry, blending digital technology with old-fashion craftsmanship. Cool Things points out that the dates are all laser-engraved on each side.


To make the DodeCal design work, Bell went with a rhombic-dodecahedron, a “a convex polyhedron with 12 congruent rhombic faces“. He had to bring a toy maker and furniture maker with a math degree on board to help him get it just right. The first 100 DodeCals quickly sold out. Holiday shoppers can write to [email protected] to be included on the pre-order list for the calendar’s second run. You can also follow DodeCal on Twitter.

As the calendar’s promotional copy states, you can have “2017 in the palm of your hand.” With such a sleek, polished design, it’s just too bad it will only last the year.