Woman Orders Food Delivery In Hopes Driver Will Kill A Spider For Her

Panic can ensue when you spot a bug in your house, and that’s just what happened when Demi Sweeney, a student in Bournemouth, England, woke to find a spider in her home. But Sweeney did something most of us probably haven’t done when we’ve found a creepy creature in our room: she called for take-out delivery in the hopes that the delivery person would take care of the spider for her.

She seems to have a sense of humor about the move:


Sweeney told BuzzFeed that because of where the spider was, she was worried it would fall on her. None of her roommates were home, so she texted friends and family for help. One of them suggested the delivery rider solution.

However, she knew that it could be a personal safety issue for the delivery person, so she sent delivery service Deliveroo a direct message first to ask whether a delivery person could possibly eliminate the spider.

Sweeney posted the text of their response, which said, “You can most certainly request this in the ‘Delivery Note’ section when placing your order.” Nice! Except there was a catch:

Demi Sweeney/Twitter

It turns out that when the man arrived, he’d seen the note … but he said he was afraid of spiders, too! However, he agreed to help her anyway, flushing the spider (after creating a bit of a scare by knocking it to the floor first, where it tried to make a run for it).

We hope she gave him a really good tip!

Most of Sweeney’s tweets aren’t about spiders. The criminology student seems to spend most of her time online supporting first responders and reminding followers about the dangers of drunk driving.

But it looks like Sweeney’s spider antics are following her:


Good luck living this one down!

What lengths have you gone to in order to get rid of a pest?