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Wife Warns ‘life Is Too Precious To Bake In The Sun’ After Husband’s Melanoma Diagnosis

This couple is hoping to raise awareness of a scary health issue.

An Australian couple is using social media to candidly discuss melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer — and encouraging folks to get their skin checked for signs of the disease.

The posts were written by Fallon Glossop, of Perth, and shared on the accounts of her skincare salon. Her husband, Ryan, was diagnosed with melanoma after having a harmless-looking spot checked out by a doctor.

“After 40 odd biopsies of his neck and back, 1 of his lung and 4 surgeries, what started out so small, turned into something that none of us were ready for,” Glossop wrote on Instagram and Facebook.

She shared photos of the suspicious skin spot and the results of the many biopsies and surgeries with the posts. (Note to sensitive readers: The photo of Ryan’s neck and back after a major surgery may be upsetting — scroll through with caution.)