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Viral Video Shows Why We Should Be Hanging Our Christmas Tree Lights Vertically

This is brilliant!

When you decorate your Christmas tree, chances are you string the lights around the tree in a coiled, horizontal fashion. But, as it turns out — according to a recent viral TikTok video — the most common method of getting those lights on your tree is not the most efficient.

Instead, try looping the lights vertically. TikTok user Clare Hooper (@mrsclarehoops) says decorating trees was once part of her job, and she demonstrates what she describes as a zig-zag method that’s used by interior designing pros. Her video, which is set to the song “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” has now garnered 2.4 million views as well as shout-outs from several other TikTok users who thank her for the game-changing decorating trick.

Check it out: