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What Parents Need To Know About The Shell-On Challenge

Parents, this is an important read.

Ah, teenagers. They never fail to alarm us older folks with their latest stunts and fads. In the age of social media, the dicey trends move more quickly than ever — from Tide Pods to Momo and now the “Shell-On Challenge.”

In this supposedly latest viral phenomenon, kids take a bite out of a piece of food, shell and all. The joke is that the “shell” can be any type of packaging for the food item, whether natural or artificial: a banana peel, a cardboard box, a plastic wrapper.


Teens then post photos and videos of themselves taking the challenge.

Here’s a prime example: Liam Hamm, a high school student in Tempe, Arizona, attracted attention when his friends posted a short video to Snapchat, showing him ripping into a bag of carrots.

“Yall eat ur lunch with or without the shell,” reads the clip’s caption. In this Instagram capture of a scene from the video, radio station WESJ 91.6 in Jacksonville, Florida warns kids about participating in the challenge: