The Newest Weird Denim Fashion Trend Is Here—And It Will Cost You $405

Last year was the year of weird denim trends—but it appears 2018 isn’t lagging far behind. The first of potentially many bizarre jean fashions has arrived, and it’s only February.

If you’ll recall, 2017 brought us such gems as these clear-knee mom jeans.


And $425 convertible jorts (yep, I said CONVERTIBLE JORTS).

Opening Ceremony

Now, designer Ben Traverniti’s Unravel Project has unveiled a … um, pair? … of crotchless, legless “jeans” that are meant to be worn as a belt. But the craziest part? They retail for a whopping $405. In other words, getting in on this trend will cost you!


According to NBC’s “Today,” Unravel debuted the minimalist clothing item as part of its Resort 2018 collection, and it’s now available for purchase online through Net-A-Porter, if you happen to be interested in making an expensive fashion statement.

The product’s description reads, “Designed to appear like it’s been sliced from the top of your favorite jeans, this faded blue version has frayed edges and exposed pockets,” according to Net-A-Porter. The retailer even gives prospective buyers some advice for wear: “It looks even cooler with a slim leather strap over the top.”

I’m glad they said that because I was beginning to wonder how exactly I was supposed to wear this for maximum fashion effect.


So, to recap, this $405 denim belt is designed to look like you effortlessly tucked a top into a pair of jeans. But why would you need an accessory for that function when you could just, you know … actually tuck a top into a pair of jeans? Or perhaps cut the top off of a pair of jeans yourself at no cost?

Corset silhouettes have been on-trend lately, so perhaps Unravel Project is striving to offer a new take on the cinching trend. Innovative? Honestly, this just comes across as rather strange. Many people online seem to have fairly strong opinions about this particular fashion item, and let’s just say they’re not exactly in favor of it.

“This is wrong,” one person wrote on Twitter. They also hilariously pointed out, “those pockets still probably don’t hold a phone.”

Some are just plain confused. Someone on Twitter asked, “Is that not a very short denim skirt?”

Others’ opinions can be summed up in one word: “Nope.”

And all of these points are completely valid, but this could very well become a “thing” in 2018. Fashion retailers such as ASOS are already carrying similar products. Take this denim bustier, for example:


What do you think about this potential new fashion trend? Would you pay $405 for a denim belt? If not, you’re certainly not alone.

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