6 Ways To Wake Up Without Coffee

When it comes to getting up in the morning, many people’s first instincts are to head straight to the coffee pot to get their morning boost of energy right when they wake up.

Although coffee is quite delicious and has its fair share of health benefits, relying on the drink every morning isn’t the best way to make it through the day. Too much coffee can disturb your sleep at night, cause anxiety and stress in some people, and even cause symptoms of withdrawal like low energy and headaches.

Luckily, if you’re a fan of your morning cup of joe, but you’re looking for alternate options for that morning boost, there are a number of ways you can get more energy without relying on the drink. Here are six ways you can wake up in the morning full of energy without having to drink coffee.

1. Take A Morning Walk

You might be tempted to spend those initial 15 minutes lying in bed, but choose to get up and walk instead. Exercise is a great all-natural energy booster, and walking especially can have rejuvenating effects on both the mind and the body. Anywhere you can get moving is great, but walking outside has the greatest impact, as the sun can boost your levels of serotonin.

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2. Eat Some Carbs

Complex carbs, that is. Studies show that eating complex carbohydrates in the morning, especially whole grains, helps people feel more alert and focused throughout the day. Healthy options include whole grain toast, oatmeal, and quinoa.

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3. Drink Water

Replace your morning cup of coffee with a tall glass of water. Even just mild dehydration can cause fatigue and moodiness, so make sure you load up on some water to keep your body energized and functioning smoothly.

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4. Open The Curtains

Exposing yourself to morning light is essential for keeping your body in sync with its natural circadian rhythms, and this can help you wake up as well as fall asleep more naturally at night. Light reacts with your brain to make you more stimulated and aware, so open those blinds up for a productive morning.

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5. Take A Cold Shower

If you can’t drink a warm cup of coffee to wake up, why not enjoy a cold shower instead? Okay, so maybe it doesn’t sound as appealing, but brief exposure to cool water can reverse the effects of fatigue — even if it’s not as soothing as some java.

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6. Put On Music

Listening to your favorite album can definitely make you feel upbeat, and it’s not just in your head. Research shows that engaging in musical activities can increase arousal, including boosting energy and reducing tiredness.

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