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10 Clever Ways To Repurpose Bath & Body Works Candle Jars

These are such cute ideas for your used candles!

The delicious fragrances of Bath and Body Works’ candles makes them hard to pass up, especially when you can get a deal on them. When you use them up, you might be reluctant to toss the perfectly good glass jar. Good news! You don’t have to. Check out these creative uses for empty candle holders to find some inspiration.

1. Make a Fairy Night Light

Stuff a string of micro LED lights into a clean candle jar. Either use battery-operated lights or allow the end to hang out of the top to plug them in. If you are handy with tools, you could even drill a small hole near the bottom to string them through and plug them in without an unsightly cord showing. If you wish, paint or decorate the lid before replacing it on the jar.

Adobe | K Ching Ching

2. Show Off A Collection

If you collect relatively small objects, you can display and protect them individually in the lidded glass jars. Instagram user @bandbwaddict shared this collection. These baseballs fit perfectly!

“And how about this jar reuse?!?” she posted. “My son’s Home Run Baseball display.”