Walmart Removes Its Ad-Matching Program From 500 Stores, But There’s Good News

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You know how Walmart lets you show them a competitor’s ad, and then they give you the same discount? Well, starting June 9, their ad-matching program will be gone from 500 of their stores, according to Business Insider. But, it’s actually a good thing.

Instead, Walmart will be discounting thousands of items at said stores (which have yet to be formally announced). And, like many stores these days, Walmart wants you to get online for price cuts – via their app’s Savings Catcher. What does it do, you may wonder? The same thing you’d do at the cash register when presenting another store’s ad. Only, with the app (which has been around for a while now), it’s much simpler.

You just scan your store receipt and prices are compared to ones at other stores. Fascinating. (Technology, huh?) You can even test it out now online via Walmart’s site. Just enter the receipt number and date of purchase. Here’s what it looks like:

image (44)

If a lower price is found elsewhere, you’ll get a Walmart gift card for the difference. Pretty sweet.

So, to me, the ad-matching program is not necessarily disappearing—it’s simply going online instead of in-person. It’s smart, too. By issuing customers gift cards, it’ll make them come back to the store, wherein they’ll probably spend more than the amount of the gift cards. A win-win for everybody.

Photo by JeepersMedia