This Dog Triggered His Family’s Motion Detector And The Resulting Video Is Too Cute To Miss

Sasha the Shepherd is one curious pup!

In the age of porch pirates and stolen packages, having a motion detection security camera for your home is a great idea. However, one family was in for a surprise when they checked the live feed for their camera after it alerted them to movement, only to find close-up footage of their adorable 3-year-old German Shepherd, Sasha, who is now an internet star.

Take a look at the super-cute video below. In it, the Wyze Cam Pan camera starts out pointed out the window but slowly turns when it detects motion inside the house. Instead of a burglar, the camera finds Sasha the German Shepherd staring at it while perched on the sofa.

Sasha gives the camera a head tilt, seemingly trying to figure out more about this object that moves around but doesn’t otherwise respond to her.