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Valentine’s Day Trees Are The Newest Holiday Trend You’ll Love

These are so fun!

There’s no hard and fast rule about when to take down your Christmas tree. Some people can’t wait to de-Christmas their home and take the tree and lights down on Dec. 26, while others may wait until after New Year’s … or even later. However, if you need a justification for keeping up your tree through February, you’re going to love this year’s latest holiday trend: Valentine’s Day trees!

Rather than packing up the Christmas tree after the December holidays are over, this new trend calls for leaving it up and redecorating it in pink heart and love-themed decorations to celebrate Feb. 14. You can even leave any red ornaments up, and stash your Valentine’s Day gifts for loved ones underneath it.

Check out how Instagram user @jasminenicole08 reimagined her green Christmas tree as a Valentine’s Day tree with some heart-shaped and love-themed Valentine’s Day decorations.