UConn’s Husky Mascot Gave Out Mistletoe Kisses And It Was Adorable

Because doggie kisses are the best!

I’ve always felt kissing under the mistletoe is one of the more awkward Christmas traditions. What if you don’t know them? What if you do know them? What if your breath smells like eggnog?

The University of Connecticut found a way to embrace the mistletoe tradition in a way that nobody will mind. The school posted a video on Dec. 12 with the caption, “You never know who you’ll meet under the mistletoe.” Spoiler alert: it was Jonathan, the school’s handsome Siberian husky mascot.

Armed with a camera crew and a mobile mistletoe, Jonathan set about the Storrs campus spreading holiday cheer and doggie drool. Everyone from students to the women’s basketball team to a kid on the kiss cam got some love from Jonathan. You dog, you.

“He’ll kiss anybody that lets him,” UConn spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz told the Hartford Courant. “He’s usually up for anything, but sometimes you do have to bribe him.”

Apparently it didn’t take much to get Jonathan to warm up to the humans. It was the non-humans that required some extra motivation, usually in the form of sweet potato paste, according to the Courant:

You can check out some of Jonathan’s failed kisses on this cute blooper video:

UConn has been posting funny holiday videos for a few years, including one year in which the men’s and women’s basketball coaches fight for trophy space on the mantle.

But I think Jonathan’s mistletoe antics take the cake, and the internet seems to agree with me. The video has since gone viral, with almost 20,000 shares on the Facebook post of the video. Because huskies are just the best and Jonathan is an especially handsome one. He has his own calendar and everything. I mean, how do you say “no” to this face?

So take a lesson from Jonathan and go forth and spread Christmas cheer. Just maybe use a little less tongue.

Show the world your kindness today. #MoreLoveLessHate #❤️UConn

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