These Tulips Look Like Ice Cream When In Bloom

These are beautiful!

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Tulips are beautiful signs of spring, and these yummy-looking “ice cream” tulips (yes, that’s what they’re actually called!) are even prettier than the standard flowers.

This special variety of perennial has outer pink petals with white blossoms on top, which makes it look like an enticing ice cream cone. Although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend actually licking one, getting a gander at one of these beauties will certainly brighten your day.

Ice cream tulips typically bloom in mid- to late spring, and these unique double plants will last for a long time. According to Spring Hill Nurseries in Harrison, Ohio, they can sometimes open completely, which gives them more of a peony look, rather than resembling an ice cream cone.

You can see that effect in this photo posted to Instagram by @liaenmauk: