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You Can Get Pineapple Mandarin Mike’s Hard Lemonade Just In Time For Spring

This sounds so fruity and refreshing!

Sunnier days are in the forecast and, to go with the warmer weather, we’re seeing the seasonal release of a delicious-sounding flavor from Mike’s Hard Lemonade — and the limited-edition beverage is just as cold, sweet and perfect for spring and summer as you might expect.

Mike’s Pineapple Mandarin Hard Lemonade has been recently spotted in stores. You can buy it now at places like Target, The Fresh Market and Walmart, where a six-pack of 11.2-ounce bottles costs $9.48.

The product description on Walmart’s site says that the alcoholic drink “features a classic mix of pineapple with mandarin notes and of course, juicy lemonade. The taste is refreshing, juicy, and full of citrus flavor.”

The product isn’t completely new. Instagrammers like @karmacoffeeyogaluck posted about it when it became available at around the same time last year — and raved about it!