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You Can Transform That Old Backyard Trampoline Into An Isolated Retreat

How good does this sound right now?

Once upon a time, I wished for my very own trampoline so I could, you know, jump on it. When I took gymnastics as a kid, I loved trampoline time most of all, loved sailing through the air without concern for grace or coordination or form.

Now that I’m a 39-year-old mom trying to survive distance learning with my 5-year-old daughter, I wish for my very own trampoline so I can create one of those sweet isolated retreats I’ve been seeing on Facebook and Instagram and, you know, hide from my child.

Check out this trampoline tent, for example, made by Instagram user @_vscogals_, who had a trampoline sleepover with friends (pre-pandemic, of course):

Now that we’re socially distancing and I can’t invite my friends over, I’d instead like to hang out there on my own, perhaps in the evening during my daughter’s bedtime routine so I can’t hear her and my husband yelling at each other.

Then there are those hanging daybeds I have long coveted that can be found on sites like Wayfair and Houzz for way more money than I can justify:


It turns out that instead of spending over $5,000 on one of these, you can easily just upcycle that old trampoline collecting mildew in the backyard. Check out this step-by-step video:

When you’re done, you can surround your swing with netting or sheets or old curtains to create a gently swaying hideaway in which you can nap, read books and sip wine while your child tears around the house looking for you, screaming your name over and over and over again until your spouse’s ears start bleeding.

Just check out this example from Instagram user @grysmo:

And this one from Instagram user @bedroomvibesofficial is indoors, but I like their style:

If you’re feeling more generous toward your kids, however, and haven’t spent the past five weeks hiding in your bathroom with the door locked while you eat leftover Easter candy and read magazines, you could also repurpose that old trampoline in order to create a magical play place.

Angela Ferdig of Krisel Keeper, for example, turned her trampoline upside down and DIY’d this sweet trampoline fort, beneath which her kids throw dance parties and, apparently, sort rubber duckies? OK. I’m not sure what’s happening here, but I think it’s super cute:

Meanwhile, the folks at Family Days Tried and Tested made a full-on Lockdown Trampoline Disco, complete with a disco ball, glow sticks and a Bluetooth speaker for the dance music. I… love this? For just myself?

What kind of retreat would you create with that unused trampoline in your backyard?

This story originally appeared on Simplemost.