This Trader Joe’s Product Is So Popular That Stores Are Rationing It

Trader Joe’s may seem like the happiest place on Earth, but those customers mean business. They intend to stock up on the best of the best from the popular food seller. And it’s actually become a real problem.

In fact, Trader Joe’s has started to ration their cauliflower rice in select locations. Because yeah, there’s a serious shortage of the stuff. Of course, it’s easy to understand why people would be vying to get their hands on a healthy and delicious rice alternative.

Trader Joe's

Plus, not only is cauliflower rice surprisingly delicious, it’s also very versatile. So, it’s no wonder it’s become such a go-to side dish in so many households. If it’s anywhere near as good as the cauliflower pizza crust from the grocery store, well, we can definitely understand what the fuss is all about.

The good news is that this rationing process hasn’t taken effect in stores across the nation—not yet, at least. So, if the cauliflower rice is flowing freely at your local TJ’s, stock up while you still can!

Jeeper's Media/Flickr

For now, the in-store shopping limit seems to be contained to locations in South Orange, New Jersey, and Fairfield, Connecticut. According to Well + Good, a representative from the South Orange location confirmed that each customer can only buy two bags of cauliflower rice a day. Meanwhile, someone from the Fairfield location said that while there is a buying cap, they’re not actively enforcing the rule. Phew!

For the time-being, this rule won’t affect most Trader Joe’s patrons. That really is amazing news. But if you happen to be one of the unlucky people limited by the two-bag rule, you can definitely look into making cauliflower rice on your own at home.

According to this recipe from Minimalist Baker, all you really need to have on-hand is a box grater or a food processor with a grate attachment. Then, you’ll be able to turn your head of cauliflower into a delicious side dish in no time.

Minimalist Baker

Once you’ve gotten the cauliflower into the desired rice-like shape and size, some time on the skillet will bring the “rice” to life. What you do with it from there is entirely up to you. No matter what you serve it with—it’s bound to be wonderful.

So, who needs Trader Joe’s after all? Just kidding, of course. Trader Joe’s, don’t go anywhere! And don’t ration any more food items if you can help it, please!