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Toyota Is Offering A New Truck To This Nurse Who Transported Patients During The California Wildfires

This is an incredible story.

As the number of deaths in California’s deadliest wildfire in history continues to climb, stories of heroes — firefighters, first responders and everyday people alike — have begun to emerge.

One such story is that of Allyn Pierce, a nurse who oversees the Intensive Care Unit at a hospital in Paradise, California. Pierce and his colleagues reportedly worked to bring many of his patients to safety, with Pierce even going so far as to drive through the fire — twice — in order to ensure the safety of others.

At one point, Pierce’s own life was even threatened after he became gridlocked in unmoving traffic, the fires continuing to rage around him. After recording a message to his family, however, Pierce was suddenly given an opportunity to escape when a bulldozer cleared the way for cars to move.

On Twitter, Jack Nicas posted photos of Pierce’s truck, a Toyota Tundra, after it emerged from the fire, and it’s pretty unbelievable.

Pierce also shared photos on Instagram, saying the vehicle saved his life — and Toyota took notice.