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11 Totally Genius Uses For Coffee Filters

Who knew these were so handy?!

How many ways can you think of to use a simple coffee filter? Sure, they do a wonderful job in helping to get that cup of joe ready and waiting for us first thing in the morning. But, like so many other basic household items, the seemingly single-purpose paper filter can be handy to have around for other reasons. Whether you’re looking for crafty hacks or ways to make cleaning up a breeze, you’ll find something useful among these 11 ways to use these filters outside of the coffeemaker.

1. Lint-Free Cleanup

Hate leaving streaks behind on your electronics or windows? A coffee filter could be exactly the rag you need to get the cleaning job done. One Good Thing recommends using them for a number of surfaces around the house.


2. A Wine Decanter

Ok, so Instagram user katetherealtor may have found humor in using a coffee filter as a wine decanter, but it makes sense. As Wide Open Eats points out, older bottles of wine can collect sediment over time. If you want to have a grit-free drinking experience, simply put a coffee filter over your glass and pour.