This Time-Lapse Weight Loss Video Proves The 100-Day Challenge Really Works

Having an action plan is a great way to meet a goal.

That’s the premise behind the “Give It 100” YouTube-based challenge, which encourages you to practice something 100 days in a row and make a video of it each day. So, when you sign up to #giveit100, aka agree to do something for 100 days straight, you’re bound to see incredible results.

That was exactly what happened to LaKeisha Shurn once she decided to go to the gym for 100 days in a row. Shurn documented her journey on YouTube, and the results will wow you.

She opens the video by saying, “I am overweight, I have low self esteem, I am going through depression, and I want to change all of that.” Her honesty and vulnerability are truly touching. Admitting you need to make a change is the first step to doing what’s going to make you happy.

So, the 100-day streak of working out began. She used time-lapse to show each day going by, and intermixed her commentary throughout. Some days were harder than others—but no matter what, she pushed through.

Ultimately, Shurn met her goal of going to the gym 100 days in a row. That’s an incredible feat in of itself. According to her video, she dropped 18 pounds in 100 days and went down two sizes, from a size 26 to a size 24.

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It’s pretty incredible to watch it happen before your very eyes, and there are plenty more videos where this came from if you’re looking for even more inspiration.

Shurn didn’t stop after the 100 days were over, either. She kept going, and a year later she had lost a total of 51 pounds.

And more importantly than that, she learned to love and accept herself more along the way. So, is 100 days enough time to change a life? I think Shurn would say an ecstatic “Yes!” And after seeing her transformation, I’d have to agree.

If you’re looking to meet a goal in 2017, make a plan to work towards it a little every day. You’ll be surprised how far you can go!

[h/t: Womanista]