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This Vibrating Sloth Reading Pillow Is Just What You Need To Stay Cozy On The Couch All Winter Long

If you need a cuddle buddy for hibernating, here it is!

Sloths are best known for sleeping — according to National Geographic, the three-toed wonder is the world’s slowest mammal and is so sedentary that algae grows on its furry coat. So what better companion could you enlist for a cozy snooze on the couch when it’s cold out?

A real sloth is probably out of the question, but thanks to Urban Outfitters, you can have the next best thing. The retailer is selling a vibrating sloth reading pillow that’s guaranteed to bring out the super-chill sloth in you. Use the Smoko Plush Vibrating Boo Pillow as a back support while reading or watching TV, or just keep it close as you sink into the depths of your sofa and stay there for as long as possible.

The 2-pound fleece pillow, which comes with a button on its arm to activate the vibrating function, is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based brand Smoko. It comes with batteries (always a bonus) and will set you back $49 — a small price to pay for the perfect hibernation season buddy.

Just look how inviting the adorable sloth makes the couch look in this photo shared on Instagram by Smoko, Inc., the company that makes the pillows: