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This Newborn Dressed As Prince For A Photo Shoot And It’s Almost Too Cute To Handle

This is so adorable! There's even a dove!

Newborn photo shoots are always adorable, but you’ve got to love when parents and photographers go above and beyond to create a series of portraits that are extra memorable. And dressing your newborn up as the late, great musician, Prince, is certainly one way to ensure this milestone in your baby’s life will be unforgettable.

Karen Marie, the photographer behind Belly Beautiful, teamed up with one newborn to do what she does best — take beautiful photographs. The series happens to honor the musician who passed away in 2016. The photos feature a newborn baby dressed in purple, of course, and holding a guitar. One of the photos even features a dove toy as a prop as an homage to the singer, who kept pet doves.

All in all, they nailed the “Prince look.” Scroll through the photos from the Belly Beautiful Instagram account to see for yourself: