This Newborn Dressed As Prince For A Photo Shoot And It’s Almost Too Cute To Handle

Newborn photo shoots are always adorable, but you’ve got to love when parents and photographers go above and beyond to create a series of portraits that are extra memorable. And dressing your newborn up as the late, great musician, Prince, is certainly one way to ensure this milestone in your baby’s life will be unforgettable.

Karen Marie, the photographer behind Belly Beautiful, teamed up with one newborn to do what she does best — take beautiful photographs. The series happens to honor the musician who passed away in 2016. The photos feature a newborn baby dressed in purple, of course, and holding a guitar. One of the photos even features a dove toy as a prop as an homage to the singer, who kept pet doves.

All in all, they nailed the “Prince look.” Scroll through the photos from the Belly Beautiful Instagram account to see for yourself:

Too cute for words!

The photographer saw this photo session as a great way to honor Prince.

“Three years ago the world lost one of the most amazing and talented artists,” she wrote in her Instagram caption. Although it is Easter, we felt the desire to honor #prince today. The doves are crying.”

When the direction for this photo shoot was first suggested to her, Karen Marie was more than happy to jump on board for this project, considering she’s a huge fan of Prince’s music.

“I was so excited about doing this Prince shoot,” she told PopSugar. “Prince’s music has a special meaning to me and has fostered a huge bond between me and my dear friend and associate photographer, Sammy. We even have matching Prince Symbol tattoos! The musical genius of Prince — who he was, his work ethic, and his strive for perfection — moves me, drives me, and reminds me of my direction. His creativity as an artist and countless amazing songs inspire me and enrich my heart.”

And just in case you’re wondering, the newborn model — a.k.a tiny Prince — was a treat to work with.

“We had been planning this photo shoot for some time to honor him on the anniversary of his passing,” Karen Marie told PopSugar. “Our little model was perfect and the shoot couldn’t have been better.”

Turns out the photographer has a knack for creating prince-themed photo shoots, to honor both the musician as well as the Disney characters. Just look at this “Beauty and the Beast”-inspired photo series that features the most adorable little prince and princess on Instagram:

Whether they’re paying tribute to a musician or a favorite Disney story, themed newborn photo shoots are so special and unique — and these photos prove it!