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This Mom With Cancer Let Her Toddler Give Her A Haircut

Get out the tissues.

It’s a pretty brave woman who lets her toddler near her hair with scissors. But that’s exactly what Utah mom Emilie Orton is. She was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer last summer and made it a priority to involve her three kids in the treatment process.

“Right before I started chemo, my doctor said, ‘remember this is emotional for your kids too. You’re not the only one going through it,’” 32-year-old Orton told Today Parents. “He suggested I find a way to involve them.”

So when her hair started falling out, she made her 4-year-old daughter her stylist. “Norah is so into hair stuff. She’ll notice details like someone’s glittery eye shadow,” Orton said. “She doesn’t get it from me.”

She filmed Norah (a.k.a. Shug) cutting her hair, posted the clip on social media, and it quickly went viral.