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This Mom Fought To Keep Her Funny Bathroom-Inspired Vanity License Plate — And Won

She had to fight with the DMV to keep it!

For 15 years, Wendy Auger has traveled the Granite State, offering a tidbit of advice to all who spot her license plate: PB4WEGO.

Get it? “Pee before we go.” It’s the timeless motto of road-tripping families everywhere.

But after Auger bought a new car, the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles decided to spoil the fun — and then the governor stepped in.

That’s right. The conflict over this silly license plate trickled all the way up to the capitol dome.

But let’s back up a little.

Auger ordered the PB4WEGO vanity plate for her family minivan 15 years ago. She told the Fosters Daily Democrat that she’d never received any complaints from fellow citizens and that she transferred the same plate to her new car in 2018 — with the encouragement of local DMV employees.

Here’s a pic of the plate captured in the wild four years ago: