This Makeup Artist Uses Real Bugs To Take Her Eye Looks To A Whole New Terrifying Level Of Cool

Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart. If you panic when seeing a house spider or get squeamish just thinking about wriggling worms, brace yourself for the outrageous eye makeup creations of one talented makeup artist who’s taking creativity to a whole new skin-crawling level.

Makeup artist Jasmine Ahumada is going viral right now for a unique type of makeup artistry that features real insects. That’s right. She uses actual insects when she does up her eyes. Here. Take a look at what we mean:

Ahumada glues dead bugs — some of which she scavenges herself, others that she buys from Petco — on to her eye makeup as accents. Bugs she’s used include beetles, moths, grasshoppers, spiders and more. Horrifying, right? It’s important to note, however, that she encourages people to be “respectful and humane” when it comes to finding the insects, according to POPSUGAR. She attests that she’s never killed bugs for the sake of her eye looks.

Check out this video below. These are dehydrated mealworms that she glued to her lashes… NBD, right?

Posts like these have Instagram freaking out, and for good reason!

“omfg that thing is huge you are insane for putting that close to your eye,” wrote Instagram user @twistinbangs on one post.

“Whoa! I am a bug freak, as in they all freak me out,” wrote Instagram user @nikkidanger39 on another post.

“You know, I’m really afraid of bugs, but you bring beauty and class to them for me,” added Instagram user @lil_shortie375 on yet another post.

But this series is about more than just the shock factor. With each Instagram caption, Ahumada includes fun facts about the insects she’s using. So you’re basically getting both a makeup tutorial and an entomology lesson all in one incredible Instagram post.

Let’s take a look at some of her most captivating looks to date. Here’s a honeycomb-inspired look:

And we’re digging this beetle-centric look that also incorporates jewelry:

What do you think of the way she used grasshoppers here?

This thing is terrifying/huge:

And, well, this one looks like something we may have seen in our nightmares:


For those of you who would dare to recreate her looks, Ahumada has some tips. “Stay as sanitary as possible,” Ahumada tells POPSUGAR. “Place a barrier between the skin and bug.” As an example, the fearless makeup artist shares that she uses “gems and thick coats of lash glue” to separate her skin from the bugs.

Is this something you’d ever dare do yourself?