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This Is What The Perfect House Looks Like According To Pinterest

We love it!

Pinterest is an amazing tool to help you plan your perfect home.

I’ve spent countless hours scrolling through Pinterest and collecting photos for my dream home. I don’t think I’m alone with this obsession. There are hundreds of thousands of Pinterest boards dedicated to home photos.

Pinterest recently shared its most popular home pins with Tech Insider. From garages to attics to basements, these pins are what the ideal home looks like (at least according to Pinterest).

Here’s what the house looks like from the outside.


On it inside, it has tall ceilings and an open floor plan.


This is the other most popular living room.


The perfect dining room has a rustic feel with mismatched furniture.


White kitchens with granite countertops are all the rage.


As well as rustic wood floors.


There is a large walk-in closet connected to the bedroom.


There is a traditional all-white bathroom.


Another popular bathroom was on the opposite end of the spectrum with a rustic feel.


It has an incredible basement to hang out in.


And, of course, the basement has a media room.


To utilize all the necessary space, Pinners love this storage under the steps.


Obviously, there is an attic with a swing.


And you need that perfect backyard, complete with covered space.


Here’s another popular backyard with a built-in grilling station.


Finally, it has a garage that’s about the size of a normal house.


This story originally appeared on Simplemost.