This Couple Incorporated Their Love Of Chicken Nuggets Into Their Engagement Photo Shoot

This couple was feeling the love — for each other and for some chicken nuggets — when they came up with the concept for their engagement photo shoot.

The newly engaged Steph and Brett first approached photographer Katie Marie Silva to see if she could make their engagement photo dreams come true. The one thing they wanted?

“We really want to include chicken nuggets in our engagement shoot.”

Silva’s response:

“Say no more.”

And there’s no denying it — the end results are pure gold. Crispy, breaded, fried to perfection gold, that is.

The series of photos Silva posted to Instagram prove that where there are chicken nuggets, there can be no wrong:

These photos are incredibly funny. Just look at how lovingly they stare at those nuggets! But Silva also managed to capture the love the couple have for each other in a couple of candid moments. And what’s most apparent is that this couple knows how to have fun together. And how to eat! That’s the basis of a solid relationship right there.

Of course, this isn’t the first time couples have really let their love of food shine through in a photo shoot. In fact, Michael Delvalle and Isabella Sablan had their photos taken at the Target food court just after they officially tied the knot.

The end results were relatable (because Target is amazing) and also adorable:

If you’re already engaged and are feeling pretty silly for not incorporating your favorite food into the photo shoot, not to worry. There’s still a chance you could get some food involved in your big day. Villa Italian Kitchen is offering the chance to win bouquets and boutonnieres made out of — wait for it — pizza.

So if you’re ready to say “I do” with the smell of fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza wafting in the air, you have until June 15 to head over to the company’s website to enter for your chance to win these extremely unique and tasty “floral” arrangements.

The one thing we’ve learned in all of this? A love of food is an important quality in a partner — and these couples totally get it.

We’re so happy they found each other!