This Basketball Player’s Dunks Are Truly Incredible

If you missed Zion Williamson this year, you'll want to look at this!

The college basketball season just ended with the University of Virginia beating Texas Tech in the finals of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament to win the national title. But while the Cavaliers, bouncing back from an upset loss in 2018 to win it all in 2019, had a great story, this season will always be remembered as the year of freshman sensation Zion Williamson.

The star player helped lead the Duke Blue Devils to a 32-6 season that finished with a one-point loss in the Elite Eight round of the tournament. Why was this 18-year-old player the biggest story in college hoops this year? Just look at one of the many insane dunks he put up this season — making it look routine:

“Zion Fever” first began when YouTube clips of Williamson, playing against over-matched high school kids, began circulating on the internet and social media.

Here’s a clip from 2016 that shows him dunking some poor kid back to puberty:

That hype only ramped up when Williamson committed to Duke, one of the most high-profile basketball schools in the country. And once the games actually started, the nation got to finally see what it would be like to watch “Space Jam’s” Monstars play basketball in real life.

As a 285-pound teen (yes, you read that correctly), Williamson would already be one of the heaviest players in the NBA. To put his weight into perspective, he weighs approximately 35 pounds more than LeBron James, who is no dainty man. Williamson’s listed height of 6 feet 7 inches is also an inch shorter than James.

But he somehow combines that size with speed, agility and a total disregard for the laws of physics to do things like this:

And he takes that same leaping ability to defense, where he LOL’d at people trying to shoot over him. Here he is jumping so high for a block that he hit his head on the backboard:

Want to see more of Williamson’s dunks? You don’t even need to answer that question …

You see, some college basketball players consider themselves lucky to land on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” Top 10, Williamson got a whole countdown all to himself:

As the most recent season progressed, the hype around Williamson grew to obscene levels. Ratings and tickets for his games skyrocketed. He was named college basketball’s player of the year. “Zion” became such a household term that the national park in Utah may have to change its name.

There was a scary moment late in the season when Williamson basically hulked out of his own shoe and sprained his knee. But the phenomenal freshman returned a few games later as if nothing happened, averaging 27 points in the ACC Tournament, leading his team to the conference title while also disproving the theory of gravity:

After Duke eventually lost in the NCAA tournament to Michigan State, it’s been widely assumed Williamson will leave school early to jump to the NBA, where he would certainly be the top pick and make a ton of money. If he does, college basketball fans will always have his one, magical season, the year man first learned to fly:

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