Things You’ll Only Understand If You Were A Teen In The Late ’90s

Do you remember having to wait to get film developed?

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As the final teens of the 20th century, teenagers in the late-’90s were on the cusp of adulthood and a new millennium at the same time. They were a generation that straddled tradition and technology, making their experiences unlike those of any other group.

If you fall into this demographic, you understand how unique your formative years truly were.  You also understand some things that those coming up after you never will.

Teen Magazines

Curling up with a good read often meant flipping through the pages of the latest “Tiger Beat” or “CosmoGirl” magazine. Whether you loved the fashion tips, pictures of celebrity hotties, or personality quizzes, there was always something fresh and fun to find out about. When you were done reading, you might have hung torn-out pages on your bedroom wall.


Delia*s Catalog

No matter if you lived in the boonies or were a city dweller, you could nab the cutest clothes thanks to Delia*s. The direct marketing retailer offered fashion geared toward tweens and teens. The apparel, accessories and even decor items were affordable, making them a hit with parents as well.  Nostalgia alert: the brand has made a comeback with retro-inspired pieces such as these, posted on Instagram.