These DIY Sunflower Skulls Are The Ultimate Halloween Decoration

We love this terrifying twist on a favorite fall bloom!

If you’ve got some extra time this spooky season, these crafty sunflower skulls are a Halloween dream — er, nightmare — come true.

Designed by Oregon artist Beejay Oslon, the cute-yet-creepy decorations are part of Oslon’s family Halloween display. Oslon painstakingly pieced together the blooms with easy-to-find craft materials to create a full scene, but the skull-flowers are mighty spooky all on their own.

“In all, the flowers pictured cost about $100 to make, but that’s largely because the large sunflowers themselves were $15 a pop, which was already half off,” Oslon told Popsugar. “You could easily do this at a smaller scale for a few bucks worth of dollar store finds.”

Oslon tracked the progress of his Halloween display on Instagram. Here’s a pic of the completed flowers before they joined the rest of the decor: