This London Restaurant Has The World’s First Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant

I woke up to this news today and felt like I was still dreaming. Apparently, a new London restaurant serves plates of cheese on a conveyor belt and customers just help themselves to whatever looks good and pair their wines as they go.

Pick & Cheese, at Seven Dials Market in the West End, claims to be the first conveyor-belt cheese restaurant in the world. It’s an overdue idea. After all, we’ve had conveyor-belt sushi for years. And cheese seems especially suited to the grab-and-go serving style.

The tidy little counter is an offshoot of The Cheese Bar, another fromage-focused spot famous for its grilled cheese sandwiches. Like its sister restaurant, Pick & Cheese features British and Irish cheeses and is proud of it.

Here’s what it looks like, via Tayler Carver, wife of Cheese Bar owner Matthew Carver:

Just like a conveyor-belt sushi joint, the plates are color-coded by price, from £2.95 cream-colored plates to £6.10 yellow plates (that’s about $3.70 to $7.60). It’s pretty reasonable for what you get — a few good nibbles of cheese with a thoughtful food pairing on each plate.

Each price point includes a variety of cheeses, plus a couple of meat choices. On the cream-colored plates, you might find British classics like a clothbound cheddar with tomato relish, or a nice, stinky Stilton served with a chocolate-and-oat cookie. As the prices go up, you’ll discover more unusual items, like pecorino from Yorkshire or a locally cured bresaola (salted, dried beef).

Here’s a view from the belt, by Instagram user @jamesecooke:

Nothing goes better with cheese than wine, right? Pick & Cheese serves wine in wee 75-milliliter tasters so guests can tailor their wine sips to their cheese choices. Or just get a 500 mL carafe and call it a meal. The wine list is smartly edited and includes a couple of orange wines for the trendy folks in attendance.

And since decision fatigue is real, there’s a short menu of “off-belt” items that are cooked to order, like a four-cheese grilled cheese sandwich.

Pick & Cheese doesn’t take reservations for seating at the cheese conveyor, but guests are asked to only stay at the bar for an hour to keep the waitlist moving.

Well, those are the highlights, folks. Gotta run — I suddenly remembered I have to renew my passport.