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Take A Look Inside James Franco’s $1.35 Million L.A. Home

He recently sold his place for an impressive profit!

James Franco isn’t just getting attention with his critically-acclaimed new movie “The Disaster Artist” — he is also making waves in the real estate world. The actor just sold his Los Angeles duplex at a major profit.

Back in 2012, Franco bought the pad from another industry insider, “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant. At the time, he paid $775,000 for the Spanish-style home, which was built in 1923. In October, Franco listed the home for $949,000 and he just accepted an offer of $1.35 million, according to the Los Angeles Times! Whoa. That’s quite a tidy profit.

Franco no doubt needed the good news, as his ownership of the home has been a bit troubled. The actor apparently rankled his neighbors in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake district. They accused him of using his home as a “MAJOR production company,” with numerous shoots happening on a regular basis, vehicles blocking neighbors’ driveways, and several people coming in and out of his house all day and night.

Sheesh! Sounds like Franco and his neighbors just didn’t jibe. But all’s well that ends well: He made a sweet profit off the sale of his home, and it looks like the new owner is going to get to live in a super-cool abode.

Check out the pictures of Franco’s crib below, starting with the den:


And here are images of the aptly-named ‘Crow’s Nest,’ which offer views of the iconic Hollywood sign and a cozy retreat from the street noise:


Here’s the kitchen — small, but charming, and looking out onto the living room:


The bedroom looks so “anti-L.A.” — by which we mean no pretension or chandeliers or mirrored ceilings.


The dining room is quite pretty as well. The tiled floors hearken back to the Spanish-style architecture as well as James Franco’s laid-back vibe:


This picturesque patio looks like the perfect place to enjoy tapas and sangria:


Congrats to the lucky new owner! Invite us over for a drink, won’t you?

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