Listen To This Family Casually Belt Out A Broadway Song—Their Voices Are Incredible

For most of us, Sunday nights with the family are synonymous with good food, decent conversation and (best-case scenario) a strong sense of togetherness.

But for the LeBaron family, these get-togethers are extra special.

This past Easter, the family came together to perform “One Day More” from the musical “Les Miserables.” How was it? Let’s just say that not every family can sing like this.

A family member posted a video of the song to Facebook, and it has since gotten more than nine million views.

Give this talented family a listen, and you’ll definitely see what all of the hype is about:

Not your typical Sunday night with the family — unless you’re a part of the LeBaron family, that is. According to Jayson LeBaron, this is something he and his siblings grew up doing together with their family.

“We’ve all grown up singing together and we all married musically talented people,” he told 24News. “My dad plays the piano and has been our accompanist growing up and my mom has been our music director. We all got involved with musical theater and did a lot of shows in high school and college. Music has been a unifying thing in our family, though we are all over Utah now from Kaysville to Salt Lake to St. George; we come together in the good times and during the trials with music keeping us real, and keeping us together, and keeping us happy.”


And you can tell how typical an evening like this is by the way the kids playing in the background of the video are totally indifferent to what’s going on around them. For them, this is just your average family get-together. Can you imagine?

Blindsided by the internet’s response to their Facebook post, they created a YouTube channel which, at the moment, only contains that one video. Stay tuned for more! We can’t wait to see what they perform next.

“We are just a music loving family from Utah and hope to inspire others to love, laugh, and sing with their families,” they wrote on YouTube.

It looks like they also recently created a website and a family Facebook page because of their newfound fame!

Here’s a picture of the entire family:

Apparently, the video was intended to be a Mother’s Day gift, which is adorable.

“We recorded this because my mom wanted this as a present for her for Mother’s Day,” said Jordon LeBaron, who posted the video to Facebook, in an interview with Deseret News. “That’s the only thing she wanted. So we got together and my brother pulled up the karaoke track. We ran through it a couple times and then we recorded it. We honestly didn’t expect a response of this magnitude.”

Les Miserables

If you aren’t familiar with “Les Miserables,” it’s a musical based on a novel by the same name written by Victor Hugo. The musical first took the stage in 1980 and has been taking audiences by storm ever since.

Les Miserables

It tells the story of a French peasant, recently released from prison after serving 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving nephew. The story unfolds against the backdrop of 19th-century France during a revolutionary period.

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This Bride Surprised Her Deaf Groom By Signing A Special Song On Their Wedding Day

The newly married Liz and Scott Shoesmith met two years ago via the Tinder dating app. Liz told the Daily Mail she learned Scott was deaf after a Google search revealed the information before their date, but she decided to continue with their plans of meeting in person. Andit’s a good thing she did! After a couple years of dating, the pair decided to get married, and Liz planned a special surprise for her groom.

Before walking to meet him at the end of aisle, she signed the lyrics to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri—and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

The bride said her soon-to-be husband cried throughout the entire song, and when you see the touching moment play out for yourself, you’ll know why:

The couple’s story was originally shared with the Love What Matters site and, since then, this moment has been viewed online millions of times.

“Even though Scott is deaf, I have never felt more heard in my life. For every joy he has brought into my life over the last two years, I wanted to surprise him with my entrance,” she told Love What Matters. “I won’t lie, I was terrified before walking into the ceremony. But the moment I locked eyes with him I never looked away and it was a special moment just between the two of us. He held it together for a few seconds before crying the whole way through the song. He has re-watched the video a hundred times since and he still cries every time!”

Here are some photos their wedding photographer, Dreamlife Photos & Video, posted to Facebook:

How sweet!

Apparently, Liz began to learn sign language shortly after she and Scott began dating. And leading up to their wedding day on Jan. 27, she taught herself how to sign the lyrics to the song. Clearly, her husband-to-be was incredibly touched:

“I only knew the Auslan alphabet when I was seven years old. So I taught myself sign language by using the internet, off apps and videos. Every time I practiced the song, I was getting it wrong,” Liz told the Daily Mail. “I got lucky on the day, I didn’t make any mistakes. Everything just came naturally from my heart, and not my head.”

And the end result was an incredibly touching moment between the bride and groom.

Since getting married, the couple is striving for inclusion for not just the deaf, but for all people through the charity organization Liz runs called The Inclusive Foundation. The bride is even auctioning off her wedding dress to raise funds for the cause:

Congratulations to the happy couple! May every day be just as special as their wedding day!

This Mom Recorded Her Son Trying To Use A Rotary Phone

OK. So kids may be up on all of the latest technology. But parents, if you’re looking for a way to school the kiddos, all you have to do is pull out a relic from the past. As evidenced when one mom filmed her son struggling to use a rotary phone.

Kimberly Phillips caught her son, Braylon, on camera, trying to use this old-school phone, and boy are we glad she did! Since posting the video to Facebook on Jan. 7, it’s been viewed 18 million times—likely giving everyone a good laugh.

According to CNN, the first push-button phones didn’t become popular until the early 1970s and, before that, different versions of the rotary phone had been around since the 1930s. So if you grew up in the ’60s, ’70s and even ’80s, you’re probably familiar with these rotary-style phones. Otherwise, it’s been smartphones since day one.

And clearly—when it comes to going backwards from a smartphone—the struggle is real:

The teen can be heard saying, “where’s the zero?” and “I messed up,” as he begins to get frustrated by the dialing method. Then he turns to his mom and says, “Y’all went through this struggle?”

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

Finally, at the end of the video, too frustrated to go on, he does what any of us would have done in that situation—reached for his cell phone to solve the problem! This is an “ask Siri” moment if ever there was one!

Many people who saw the video online commented with similar stories. One person wrote, “This reminds me of when my niece found a collection of LPs in her grandmother’s closet and was so excited to find ‘big, black CDs.'”

“Reminds me when my daughter asked me what ‘rewind’ meant,” another shared. Talk about a “senior” moment!

Moments like these are so relatable because, well, moms and dads—we’ve all been there.

This Kid Licking NBC’s Camera At The Olympics Is Relatable For Parents Everywhere

Sure, the focus should be on the incredible athletes showcasing their talents at the 2018 Winter Olympics. But the internet has found its latest star and it’s a child trying to lick the lens of NBC’s camera. It’s become a viral moment that made many people — especially parents — laugh and probably cringe. Because yeah: Parents know exactly what this is like.

An insatiable curiosity is what makes being a kid so interesting, but it can also be exhausting for parents. A constant need to touch, pull and lick is something to which parents around the world can relate. This mom in Pyeongchang, South Korea, who can be seen pulling her child away from the camera, is definitely transcending language barriers and cultural divides in this moment:

Once this video was posted online, moms and dads everywhere began to chime in.

“As a mother who spent years saying ‘and don’t lick anything or anyone’ every time we went somewhere, I love this kid,” one mom wrote on Twitter:

Despite his mom telling him to stop, this kid just kept on trying to get in front of the camera, and people can’t stop laughing about it:

There are some (likely non-parents) out there who just don’t understand what’s going on:

It’s not always the parents that are doing the wrangling. Sometimes the kids try to control the situations and feel “embarrassed” by their parents. Even celebrities aren’t immune to this kind of thing! Another major “break the internet” parent-child moment was when six-year-old Blue Ivy told Beyoncé and Jay-Z to stop clapping at the Grammys.

Parents and children have a lot to deal with, but it’s the moments like these that prove you’re not alone in your struggles. And that’s why this kid at the Olympics has provided many laughs and a collective sigh of relief.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway until Feb. 25, so be sure to tune in for more internet trending-worthy highlight moments from athletes and fans!

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High School Boy Challenges Rival School’s Cheerleaders To A Must-See Gymnastics Battle

This high school freshman loves a little friendly competition, which he recently proved in a video that’s since gone viral. Sean Kennedy, a student at Southern Cayuga Central School in Aurora, New York, challenged the rival school’s cheerleaders to a gymnastics battle while attending a basketball game, and it led to an epic series of flips that you’ve just gotta see for yourself. 

Thankfully, a friend of Kennedy’s was nearby and able to film the interaction between Kennedy and the cheerleaders. The video shows Kennedy approaching the cheerleaders and asking them if they’d like to participate in a gymnastics-style showdown. When there are no takers, Kennedy performs a back handspring and walks away.

This encourages one brave cheerleader to then show Kennedy what she’s got. Of course, Kennedy’s got a response to her moves and, all in all, the interaction’s pretty incredible.

Watch how it all went down:

The video, which has been viewed over 11 million times, was posted alongside the caption, “Posting this vid on every platform possible because my best friend’s an ICON,” and the fans in the gym where the competition took place couldn’t agree more.

People online are loving the video, too. On Twitter, they keep making comparisons to the cheer film “Bring It On,” because this is basically the 2018 version.

Even though these schools have a “rivalry,” Kennedy admits this was all in good fun.

“Healthy competition is important in furthering our skills and I respect the cheerleaders who clapped back,” he told BuzzFeed. “All we wanted to do was to get the crowd energized and make the basketball game more amusing.”

After all, for Kennedy, gymnastics is just “a way to express [himself] and have fun,” the told The Citizen.

Seems as though he did a really great job of encouraging competition and building excitement. He told The Citizen that it was “the most [he’d] ever heard anyone cheer at a high school basketball game.” So, mission accomplished. He showed school spirit to the max and the end result—well, it was awesome.

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These Babies Can’t Stop Hugging Each Other, And It’s Absolutely Adorable

Love makes the world go ’round, and these babies know it. They can’t seem to stop hugging each other, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. These four sisters — who are actually quadruplets — aren’t strangers to the internet. If you follow the Webb family on Facebook, you’ve been able to watch these little girls grow up, and they couldn’t be more adorable. The recent video of the love fest has gone viral on Facebook, having been viewed over 55 million times, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s most certainly worth a watch.

Abigail, Emily, Grace and McKayla were born in Alberta, Canada in 2016. The identical quadruplets were conceived naturally, without the use of any fertility drugs. According to Global News, the couple were told by a nurse that the odds of having natural quadruplets are one in 67 million.

The girls are growing up quickly. But they’re not too grown to accept hugs — and plenty of them.

In the video, you see the sisters exchange hugs multiple times as they listen to the “Moana” soundtrack. Because who doesn’t love a good hug session and Disney movie combo, after all?

These sisters don’t mind sharing hugs, but that probably has something to do with their special bond.

“They definitely miss each other when they’re apart from their sisters,” their mom, Bethani Webb told shortly after the girls were born. They didn’t even like having to be separated to be in their own incubators at the hospital.

“Right now, they’re all in one crib, which is nice. Before, they were in their incubators, they were all separate and they definitely had some separation anxiety,” she said back when her daughters were born.

Good thing they’ll grow up together and give as many hugs as they want now!

Clearly, these babies can’t get enough hugs, and the internet can’t get enough of this video! They keep re-posting it online:

We’re convinced that sending this video to someone is like sending a hug virtually, so if you know someone who could use a hug on this Monday morning, you know what to do!

For even more cute videos of these sisters, keep up with the Webb Quad Squad on Facebook.

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