10 Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are, Like, Totally 80s

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Eighties movies are full of characters that make awesome Halloween costumes—from huge hair to sexy sirens to slasher-flick villains, they have it all. If you’re still undecided on what to be this year, check out this list of amazing costumes from the decade of excess.

Madison from “Splash”

When “Splash” premiered in 1984, everyone wished they had fins instead of legs. To achieve the look and differentiate yourself from the other much-copied mermaid, Ariel, you need blonde, crimped hair. If you’re crafty, sew yourself a mermaid fin. If not, order one of those mermaid fin blankets from Amazon.


The Heathers and Veronica from “Heathers”

The original “Mean Girls,” “Heathers” was every high school girl’s favorite movie in the 80s. To pull off the preppy vibe, make sure you add shoulder pads to your skirt suit. A scrunchie, teased hair and a croquet mallet will complete the look. It’ll be “so very.”


Jason Vorhees from “Friday the 13th”

This one’s a classic and oh-so-easy. Don a hockey mask and some old tattered clothes, and voila, you’ll spook everyone you see. Don’t forget to wield a plastic sword to really send your friends screaming.


Samantha from “Sixteen Candles”

Molly Ringwald was the “it” girl in the 80s. Pull off one of her most iconic roles by snagging a poofy bridesmaid’s dress at the thrift store. Cropped red hair optional. You’ll be so cute, you’re sure to snag your very own Jake Ryan.


Baby from “Dirty Dancing”

This 80s classic actually takes place in the 60s. Cutoffs, white Keds and a white button-down are all you need to channel Frances Houseman, aka Baby. Get your man to throw on a leather jacket a la Johnny, and make it a couple’s costume.


The Grady Twins from “The Shining”

Grab your bestie, matching blue dresses, knee-high socks and fake blood, and you have the totally creepy twins from “The Shining.” Can you say red rum?


Kim “Prom Night”

Jamie Lee Curtis was the “scream queen” of the 80s. Channel your inner prom queen and dust off that prom dress, add a sparkly tiara, and don’t forget the (fake) axe.


Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Grab a Freddy mask from a pop-up Halloween shop, and add a striped sweater and a top hat. Don’t forget the knives for fingers, and you’re sure to be the stuff of nightmares.


Jessica Rabbit from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”

She may be animated, but Jessica Rabbit was a major vixen of the ’80s. Slip on a slinky red dress, heels and purple elbow-length gloves to bring out the va-va-voom.


Lisa from “Weird Science”

If you want to go sexy this Halloween, look no further. The costume is super simple, too. All you need is a cut-off top and a pair of undies. Tease your hair as high as it will go to complete the look.



20 Of The Punniest DIY Halloween Costumes

Who doesn’t enjoy a good pun? If you want to make people chuckle (…or groan) this Halloween you might want to try one of these hilarious pun-inspired costumes.

With Halloween only a few weeks away, many of these are easy to do last minute too. Easy as pie!

1. Green with Envy

Instagram/Kate LeRoy

2. Cereal Killer

Flickr/Nathan Rupert

3. A Blessing In Disguise

the thinking closet


4. Radiohead

Money Side of Life

5. French Kiss


6. 50 Shades of Grey

Do It How

7. Ariana Grande


8. Han Solo (Cup)


9. Iron Chef

Cafe Press

10. Beer On Tap


11. Taco Belle


12. The Black-eyed Ps

the thinking closet

13. Deviled Eggs


14. Dust Bunny

Mr. Kate

15. A Formal Apology


16. Hawaiian Punch

Costume Pop

17. Facebook


18. Ceiling Fan

Coolest Homemade Costumes

19. Spice Rack

Coolest Homemade Costumes

20. Nickelback

The Weal

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12 Clever DIY Halloween Costumes That Won’t Cost A Fortune

The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.

How does Halloween manage to sneak up on us every year? You know it’s coming and think you have plenty of time to get a costume together—and then, all of the sudden, you need to be at a party in an hour and you’ve got nothing! Well, not this year. We’ve got you covered with 12 creative costumes that won’t break the bank.

1. Charlie Brown

Start with a pair of black shorts and a plain yellow T-shirt. Then use black duct tape to make the zig-zag line around the bottom of the shirt. To complete the look, carry a football or bring your dog with you. (Hopefully he is black and white, and looks at least a little bit like Snoopy.)

All For The Boys

2. Circus Performer

This is a glamorous option—you basically get dressed up with full makeup and add a feather to your hair. The more sparkle the better.

Backstage #circus #headpiece #vintage #showgirl #sideshow #freakshow #makeup #burlesque #backstage #braid #costume

A photo posted by Julietta la Doll (@juliettaladoll) on Sep 3, 2013 at 4:15pm PDT

3. Medusa

All this DIY headpiece requires is toy snakes (you can buy ’em cheap on Amazon), a headband and some twist ties or glue to attach the snakes. Give your creation a coating of gold spray paint and—bam!—you’ll be the evil monster from Greek mythology in no time.

Halloween Forum

4. Snail

Use craft paper and ribbon to make a wearable shell, and a headband, craft paper and painted styrofoam balls for eyes. The result is adorable, and the instructions are fairly simple.

Oh Happy Day

5. Rosie The Riveter

High-wasted pants, button-down shirt and a red bandanna—it doesn’t get easier than that. You may have to do a few pushups before you head out. If you’re going to be flexing all night, you may as well have those biceps popping.


6. Strawberry

Add some white or black spots to a red shirt or dress and then glue together a green stem hat. This could work for various fruits, from pineapples to grapes. Get some friends together and go as a fruit salad!

Studio DIY

7. Bat

After dressing head-to-toe in black and following these instructions, you will have turned into a bat. Good thing you had that old black umbrella on hand.

Evil Mad Scientist

8. Baby

Get out your adult-sized footy pajamas—you know you have some or at least want an excuse to get them. Then snag a stuffed animal and a pacifier (or ring pop, for a sweet option), and you’re done.

Thread Ethic

9. Waldo and/or Wenda

If you can manage to find a red and white hat with a pom pom, it will make this costume. Otherwise, you just need some jeans and a striped shirt.

10. Fortune Teller

This is such a flexible costume that you are sure to have what you need on hand. With just some hoop earrings and a few scarves, you can pull this off pretty quickly.

11. Mime

This will require a black-and-white stripped shirt with a red bandana tied around the neck. Add a bowler hat from the dollar store and perhaps some white gloves, and voila—you are a mime!

#lifeisacircus #party #mimemakeup #mimecostume #mime #hfarm #hparty #hcircus

A photo posted by RitaPetrilli (@rita_petrilli) on Jul 24, 2015 at 6:37am PDT

12. Garden Gnome

The reason this costume works is because there are so many different ways to put it together. Any pants with a button-down shirt will do. Maybe throw a brown belt around your waist. A pointy red hat could be made from paper or felt depending on your time frame. Finish it off with a beard (you can get one on Amazon for $7.99).


When all else fails, use one of these puns to get yourself out the door in a flash:

Aircraft Carrier: Carry around a toy airplane all night.

The Seven Seas: Pin seven Cs to your shirt and call it a night.

Identity Thief: Wear a bunch of “Hello my name is…” stickers with different names on them. Bonus points for using names of people who are at the party.

Cereal Killer: Attach a few bloody cereal boxes to your shirt with some plastic knives sticking out.

Breadwinner: Grab a loaf of bread and any cheap medal ( you can find.