‘Avatar’-Themed Park Is Coming To Disney World This Summer And It Looks Amazing!

The folks at Disney always seem to have new surprises up their sleeves. Recently, the company confirmed that it will be adding three new themed attractions to the complex: “Star Wars” Land, “Toy Story” Land and an “Avatar”-themed park called Pandora: The World of Avatar. While Disney has not announced opening dates for the “Star Wars” and “Toy Story” attractions, both located in Hollywood Studios, the expected opening of Pandora has been announced.

The anticipation is finally over! Pandora will open its doors to the public in summer 2017. Pandora: The World of Avatar will be located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in in Orlando, Florida. James Cameron, director of the 2009 movie “Avatar,” and Disney Imagineers have been working diligently to ensure that this new attraction  is a fully-immersive experience for guests, and from the looks of the video below, they have done just that!


The Avatar you see at the end is an actual animatronic from the new park! The lifelike appearance is breathtaking in a video, so can you imagine seeing it in person? Read on for more fun facts about the development of The World of Avatar as well as what you can expect when the park opens this summer.

Construction for the park began in 2014. The first concept art was released in February 2015. The park includes the iconic floating mountains from the movie. The park will be filled with hundreds of exotic-looking plants, including a replication of the bioluminescent forest, which will appear differently both day and night—creating two totally different environments!

And of course, a world wouldn’t be complete without attractions, dinning and shopping. The park will feature two new attractions, “Avatar: Flight of Passage” and “The Na’vi River Journey,” as well as some fun dining and shopping spots.

The Avatar: Flight of Passage attraction will take you on the back of a mountain banshee, the giant bird-like animals that are also seen in the film. This attraction will be similar to Disney’s Epcot ride Soarin’. You’ll be plunging and diving and exploring the world of Pandora.

The Na’vi River Journey will be a boat ride through the bioluminescent forest, an attraction the whole family will love!

The Satu’li Canteen will be the main restaurant in the park. Enjoy a good meal and also take a look at Na’vi art and other cultural items. Wind Traders will be the main shopping destination in the park. Find science kits, toys and more! Pongo Pongu will be the spot to grab a festive, “Avatar”-themed drink on those hot summer days!

So, are you currently booking your trip to Disney World for this summer? We know we are!

[h/t: Insider]

Disney World Opened A New Area Designed Just For Foodies

The Downtown Disney area at Walt Disney World has undergone a reboot. It’s now called Disney Springs—and it is filled with high-end retail and more new restaurants than you can believe. Based on the suggestions from the in-the-know people at Travel + Leisure, let’s take a look at some of the most delicious new dining spots. If you weren’t hungry before, you will be by the end of this post!

The Daily Poutine

Who knew you could get Poutine so many ways? The menu offers the Canadian classic (French fries, gravy, cheese) as well as mouthwatering variations like “Latin Poutine” with fried yucca, black beans, pulled pork and queso fresco. Mmmm.



Amorette’s Pastisserie

They have an 11-layer cake, according to Travel + Leisure. ELEVEN. According to the menu, you can also enjoy eclairs, New York-style cheesecake, cookies, gluten-free macarons and signature cakes, which you can watch chefs decorate. And, of course, there are little cakes designed to look like a certain mouse. If you want that 11-layer cake, they need 72 hours for this magnificent creation, which combines layers of red velvet, chocolate chiffon, chocolate mousse, cherry mousse, raspberry pâte de fruit and Italian buttercream.



B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Company

Visit B.B. Wolf’s for artisan sausages with interesting topping combos like braised red cabbage and spicy brown mustard. We’re particularly intrigued by the “3 Little Pigs Sampler,” a trio of mini-dogs—one wrapped in bacon, another dressed like a Reuben and a third topped with black bean salsa and chili cheese.





The sweet and savory crepes offered here sound irresistible. On the sweet side, try the s’mores crepe (marshmallow creme, chocolate sauce and graham cracker crumbs) or the strawberries Romanoff crepe (whipped cream, sour cream, sugar and brandy.) Or, make a meal out of it with savory offerings like the beef crepe (horseradish cream, pickled red onion, baby spinach and sharp cheddar) and the smoked salmon crepe (cream cheese, capers, onion and “everything bagel” topping).


STK Steakhouse

Want upscale dining after a day in the Magic Kingdom? The updated Disney Springs now includes the STK Steakhouse, featuring an innovative menu, in-house DJ and a stunning outdoor patio. Of course, fine dining comes with a price tag to match ($35 to $60 per adult), and here’s what they have on the menu.


Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Last, but certainly not least, is the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. You walk up to a computerized machine, swipe your credit card, and out pops your choice of cupcake. This really is the happiest place on Earth!

Photos via Walt Disney World website.