Costco Shoppers Wowed By Impromptu Piano Duet Of Adele Song

There are many reasons to love Costco. After all, who doesn’t love savings, buying in bulk and scoring free samples? But for some unsuspecting customers, a trip to Costco became a whole lot better when two piano players sat down to play an Adele tune.

The action was caught on video and, since it was first posted online a couple of years ago, it’s gotten over four million views. Apparently, a woman was shopping in Costco when she heard a salesman playing Adele’s “Someone Like You” on the piano, and she decided to join in, too.

Thankfully, their off-the-cuff duet was caught on camera:

As you can see in the video, there were those who were too focused on getting to the free samples to stop and listen, but then there were those who couldn’t help but be drawn in by the melody. Did you notice the dad dancing with his son just off to the side of the camera? We think it makes this moment all the more special.

Obviously, those who saw this go down in person really appreciated the performance. But on top of that, millions of people who watched this online chimed in on YouTube to comment upon how truly beautiful this moment was.

“…and then something wonderful happened at the local Costco,” one person commented.

“So awesome! Why does that make me tear up?” wrote another.

The person responsible for posting the video, YouTuber hyp3r247, wrote that this experience “Totally made [her] day,” and we’re fairly certain it made the shopping experience extra special for every other shopper, too.

This isn’t the first time an incredible piano performance has gone down at Costco, either. Back in 2011, this little kid amazed customers with his piano playing skills:

The way he plays is really quite incredible.

Here’s to hoping your future trips to Costco will be this musical and magical!

[h/t: FaithTap]