Summer Snow Is Falling In Parts Of Montana, Idaho And Wyoming Right Now

If you thought all the pumpkin spice flavors already on shelves were a bit early considering it’s still August, how do you feel about, say, 10 inches of snow?

While it’s true that summer is coming to an end and lots of us are so ready for fall, the same week the pumpkin spice latte is making its seasonal return, some states are apparently skipping right over pumpkin season.

The National Weather Service says as much as 4 to 8 inches could fall in elevations above 9,000 feet in the mountains of Montana and Wyoming through Tuesday, Aug. 28. Some areas have even been placed under a winter weather advisory.

The Weather Channel says these are the first winter weather advisories to be issued by the National Weather Service anywhere in the lower 48 for the upcoming snow season.

There was a winter weather advisory issued in June, however, when a late-season weather system brought snow to the West.

While snow at these high elevations isn’t exactly unusual, to the rest of the country it may seem a bit strange.

For some perspective, the forecast where I am right now is a “real feel” of 96 degrees, so, yeah frozen PSL’s for everyone — except Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.


Luckily for those getting this August snow, accumulation is mostly only expected at the highest peaks of northwestern Wyoming, southwestern Montana and adjacent portions of Idaho, but the Weather Channel says one route connecting southwestern Montana to Yellowstone National Park could prove hazardous and may have closures.

As of Monday morning, just one inch of snow was measured in grassy areas at Logan Pass in Montana’s Glacier National Park.

So, why the early snow?

According to the Weather Channel, when the jet stream moving over the region plunges southward, it can allow just enough cold air and moisture to mingle and produce the accumulating snow, which is exactly what’s happening with this storm.

snow photo
Flickr | runJMrun

The good news? For those that aren’t loving the snow, according to Accuweather, it won’t be sticking around long.

Even better news is that the plunging jetstream and early snow are helping clear the smoke from the wildfires in the western U.S. and western Canada.

Are you hoping summer sticks around longer in your neck of the woods or would you be OK with some late-August snowfall?