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Layered Strawberry-Mango Margaritas Are Almost Too Pretty To Drink

They look like a summer sunset!

Cinco de Mayo is almost here and that holiday often ushers in the warm weather, so now is the perfect time to start upping your margarita game. With this recipe for layered strawberry-mango margaritas, you will be able to toast to warmer weather with a drink that looks like a gorgeous sunset in a glass.

And don’t worry: While the end result looks complicated, it’s actually pretty straightforward, meaning you can impress your Instagram followers without breaking a sweat. To make the layered strawberry-mango margaritas from this Eating Well recipe, you’ll need frozen mango and frozen strawberries, along with fresh lime juice, triple sec, simple syrup and your favorite tequila.

The trick to the layering is simple: Just make the strawberry portion (or the mango portion) first, then rinse out the blender and do the other frozen fruit concoction separately.

Then, alternate pouring the pretty pink strawberry margarita and the orange-hued mango margarita. You can do several layers, or just one of each, like Instagrammer @chelsea.swift: