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Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee Is The Newest Drink Trend—And It’s An Amazing Pick-Me-Up

Attention coffee lovers!

Have you ever stepped into a fancy coffee shop and wondered why on earth words like “nitro” and “tonic” are sprinkled throughout the menu board? It’s simple — people love the bubbly fizz of carbonated drinks mixed with the energy boost you get from coffee. Effervescent and refreshing, these types of drinks are taking over the coffee world. They’ve been doing so for the past few years.

Enter coffee soda. It’s basically the best of both worlds. Both caffeinated and carbonated, it’s part coffee and part seltzer water, often with a twist of flavor. Today, carbonated cold brews have become more popular than ever.

Oh, this isn’t a new idea. According to Extra Crispy, these drinks date back a hundred years. To 1895, in fact, when the Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda was introduced to New York by a family of Italian immigrants.

But today, it’s a bona fide trend. Companies are innovating with different flavors of coffee soda, and people are loving it.

For example, Keepers Coffee Soda makes a citrus variety with lemon, lime and tangerine juice. Below is one of Keepers’ cans of cold brew, posted on the company’s Instagram account. Looks just like a soda!