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This Spa Offers Free Childcare And Naps For Exhausted Parents

This is a great idea!

Busy moms are often reminded to make self-care a priority. After all, if you’re exhausted and stressed out, you can’t be as good of a parent to your kids as you might be otherwise. Still, setting aside the time for a spa appointment — which also involves hiring a babysitter to watch your kids while you’re out — can be more hassle than it’s worth! You may very well end up putting your personal needs on the back-burner when you have a million things on your “to do” list.

That’s why the idea behind Los Angeles’ Spa Lé La is genius. Not only does the spa offer complimentary in-house childcare for customers, it also offers prenatal and postpartum-specific treatments in addition to more typical beauty services.

Here’s an image from the spa’s Instagram, showing what it looks like. Their social media accounts are full of images of children as well as adults, showing how friendly the place is to parents.