The Smithsonian Is Raising $300K To Preserve Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

Would you donate money to help rehab Dorothy's ruby slippers?

Is there a more iconic visual from “The Wizard Of Oz” than Dorothy’s sparkling ruby slippers?

Well it turns out they’re starting to show their years and aren’t quite so eye-popping these days. In order to save the famed footwear worn by Judy Garland in the film, the Smithsonian Museum has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $300,000 to repair the shoes and create a display case that will better preserve them for future generations.

The Smithsonian had the iconic slippers on display for years, but the decades have taken a toll—the colors are fading and the sequins are falling off.

As you can see here, the museum is already roaring towards the $300,000 Kickstarter goal. Seems like a lot to fix up some shoes, but those funds will go towards research to see how best to preserve them, and for a climate-controlled display case.

Real Simple notes that although the museum is federally funded, these types of restoration projects aren’t—which is why they’re turning to the public. (They used the same type of campaign to restore the Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 spacesuit.)

Don’t worry, Dorothy, your shoes will be back in clicking form in no time!

Photo by dbking

This story originally appeared on Simplemost.