Watch This Slow Motion Video Of A Pore Strip Removal

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Videos of zit popping, blackhead removal and removing all other manner of things from the human body have become somewhat of an internet sensation.

If you’re one of the many fans of all things gross but satisfying, you’re going to love this close-up video of a pore strip being removed.

The video shows, in excruciating detail, tons of sebum being removed from some poor, unsuspecting person’s pores.

The video is just over five minutes long but, in my opinion, you get the picture after a minute or so. But for those who get an odd satisfaction out of seeing all the gunk that can lay just beneath the skin’s surface, you’re going to want to stick it out until the end (or at least fast forward to about the 4:48 mark where the used strip is held up to showcase its results).

While it might feel to good to feel like you just gave your pores a deep-cleaning, and while for some it’s even mesmerizing to watch the process, is it actually good for your skin?

Risks Associated With Pore Strips

As Marie Claire points out, you may be doing more harm than good when you slap on a pore strip.

Some of the potential risks include stretched out pores and even more blemishes (no fair!), scarring, spider veins and exacerbation of other skin disorders like rosacea or plain old sensitive skin. Yikes!

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Unfortunately for those that get an odd satisfaction out of it, the same goes for popping zits.

“Popping a pimple only pushes the bacteria and inflammation deeper in the skin, meaning it will take longer to heal, and will likely leave a scar. If you have a cyst or blackhead that’s really bothering you, go into your dermatologist and ask that they reduce swelling and release fluids hygienically. It costs a minimal fee and can save your skin,” Dr. Lisa Garner, a dermatologist from Garland, Texas, tells The Huffington Post.

Without further ado, here’s the full video:

So what do you think? Do you pop and strip to your heart’s content, or do you let blemishes disappear on their own?

The Truth About Blackheads

Blackheads are caused when a plug of oil, bacteria and skin debris (keratin) clogs your pores. When the plug rises to the surface and gets in contact with the air, it oxidizes and turns black. In order to prevent blackheads, you need to prevent oil build-up, so washing with salicylic acid is a must (benzoyl peroxide can also be used, but this is often too harsh for most people to use daily). A facial brush, like a Clarisonic, can increase your ability to deep-clean pores.


Fight Blackheads With Heavy-Hitter Acids

If blackheads are a major problem for you, consider using a facial wipe that includes malic and glycolic acids, such as Dr. Dennis Gross One-Step Acne Eliminating Pads. This helps to loosen the blackhead and allows the yucky stuff inside to break free and be washed down the drain.


Eliminate These Surprising Culprits Behind Blackheads

Here’s another reason to quit smoking: Experts say it can increase your risk of blackheads. Similarly, a poor diet can also be cause for concern. Many people report that too much dairy can affect your skin, along with sugary and fried foods. Dermatologists suggest eating a “clean” diet, as well as making sure that you’re getting probiotics every day, as these can help balance out bacteria in your body and prevent buildup in your pores. (Try yogurt like Yakult probiotics or probiotic capsules like Florajen3.)


Consider Getting A Blackhead-Insurance Policy

Though pricey ($47), Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner is beloved among beauty experts and aestheticians for its blackhead-busting abilities. In a four-week study of the product, 96 percent of women reported reduction in clogged pores and 100 percent reported reduction in sebum, that oily, waxy stuff that builds up in your pores. Simply apply the product and leave on for 5-10 minutes until it begins to turn blue. Then rinse and go! After a few applications, you should begin to notice that your pores are smaller and your blackheads are visibly reduced.


Your Kitchen Pantry Can Help

There are a variety of blackhead removal kits you can buy from the store, but your very own pantry might have what you need. From lemon juice to cinnamon to turmeric to oatmeal, you can go the natural route and still show blackheads who’s boss. Go to Natural Living Ideas for how-to home remedy recipes.


And, if all else fails, seek a dermatologist’s assistance, as removing blackheads yourself can be risky and could lead to scarring.

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