7 Signs That You’re Smarter Than You Realize

There a number of other scientifically-proven indicators of your intellect, and none of them have to do with SAT scores.

When we think of someone who is smart, we tend to think of people who ace all their tests, went to a top college and know the answer to everything without having ever having to search Google. They exemplify the tell-tale signs of intelligence, and everyone seems to know it.

But when it comes to being smart, good test scores aren’t the only indicator of a sharp mind. There a number of other scientifically-proven indicators of your intellect, and none of them have to do with SAT scores. If you weren’t an A+ student in high school, it definitely doesn’t mean you’re not a smart person.

Here are seven signs that you’re smarter than you think you are — because your high school GPA doesn’t mean everything.

1. You Go To Bed Late And Sleep In

Whoever said the early bird gets the worm didn’t know what they were talking about. A study from the journal of the “International Society for the Study of Individual Differences” found that people who stay up late tend to be more intellectual than those who go to bed early, even with other variables factored out.

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2. You’re The Oldest Sibling

Birth order can play a role in your intelligence, however, it’s less about genetics and more about the role you play as an older child. A study from Norway found that on average, elder children have a 3-point edge over their younger siblings when it comes to IQ.

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3. You Took Music Lessons

Turns out, there was a good reason for those piano lessons after all — other than learning to play, of course. One study found that kids who took nine months of keyboard or voice lessons boosted their IQ more than kids who didn’t take any music lessons or who took drama classes instead.

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4. You Have A Cat

Cat people get a bad rap, but they’re really the ones with the last laugh. Research from Carroll University in Wisconsin found that cat people scored higher than dog people on intelligence levels.

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5. You Like To Drink

No need to fret about your love of a good Pinot Noir. A study out of London found that in both the United Kingdom and the United States, intelligent children grow up to consume alcohol more frequently and in greater quantities than less intelligent children.

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6. You’re Tall

Who knew that height could be an indicator of intellect? Research from Princeton University found that taller people score higher on IQ tests as kids and earned more money as adults.

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7. You’re Funny

The class clown was often chastised in school, but they likely had unrecognized potential. One study from the University of New Mexico had students take intelligence tests and then challenged them to come up with clever captions for a cartoon. Those who came up with the highest-rated funny captions were also the students who rated highest on the intelligence tests.

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