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Shake Shack Released Their Cheese Sauce Recipe So You Can Make It At Home

Yum! Now we just need their French fry recipe!

Staying home all day is tough, and sometimes, it’s the little things that are hardest to live without — like Shake Shack’s famous cheese sauce. But you no longer have to leave your house to enjoy it, pandemic or no pandemic. The restaurant chain finally released a DIY recipe to the public.

Shake Shack’s homemade cheese sauce recipe only takes 30 minutes to make. The restaurant usually pairs the cheese sauce with French fries — but when you’re at home, anything goes. Drizzle the sauce onto a burger, make it into fondue, eat it with a spoon. We won’t judge.

Mark Rosati, Shake Shack’s culinary director, demonstrated how to make the sauce in a video on Instagram. It requires two types of cheese, American and cheddar. Add onions, jalapeño slices, white wine vinegar, heavy cream, canola oil, white wine and whole peppercorns to re-create the savory flavor.

As long as you own a pan, a strainer and a whisk, you can make this recipe. Watch the video from @shakeshack for the full step-by-step tutorial!