This Adorable Photo Of Service Dogs Watching A Musical In A Theater Is Going Viral

There's a great story behind this photo!

The only thing better than a dog is a service dog. Service dogs embody all the qualities we love most about our pets: They are loyal, caring and wholly devoted to their owners.

So when a photo of service dogs watching “Billy Elliot: The Musical” hit the Internet, it wasn’t long before the adorable image went viral. The photo shows a group of service dogs sitting composedly in a movie theater with peaceful expressions on their furry little faces:

And, the story behind the image is even cuter. The dogs are part of K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs, a Canadian canine facility that offers service dog training for pets and their owners.

As part of their training, these dogs need to be exposed to a variety of sensory experiences so they can adapt and manage these situations while still staying focused on their tasks. So for these pups, going to the Stratford Festival Theatre in Stratford, Ontario, to watch “Billy Elliot” was a training day.

“It’s important to prepare the dogs for any activity the handler may like to attend,” Laura MacKenzie, the owner of K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs, told CBC Radio. “The theatre gives us the opportunity to expose the dogs to different stimuli such as lights, loud noises and movement of varying degrees. The dogs must remain relaxed in tight quarters for an extended period of time.”

K-9 posted another photo of the dogs watching “Billy Elliot” on Instagram, and it looks like they’re doing a good job!