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You Can Now Buy Avocado Toast Sneakers For $130

Attention, avocado lovers!

Prepare to take your love of avocado toast to a whole new level. At least, that’s what shoe brand Saucony is asking you to do with one of their latest styles. These shoes are designed to look like avocado toast — red pepper-flaked lining and all — and they’re retailing for $130.

The sneakers feature toast-colored leather topped with green textured suede for a look inspired by the beloved breakfast, lunch and brunch item — avocado toast. They’re technically men’s shoes. But given that avocado toast is universal, we’d say this design is definitely unisex and can be worn by anyone and everyone, as long as you can get your size.

However, the shoes are definitely a bold fashion statement. Are you ready for it?


This view shows off the red pepper flake and avocado smear-inspired lining and the avocado print on the sole:


As over-the-top as this may seem, we’ve gotta admit that we could get on the avocado toast shoe bandwagon long before we’d pay $870 for “distressed” shoes — which, yes, means the shoes are made to look like they’re dirty.

Behold, the grungiest-looking new shoes you’ll ever see, courtesy of Gucci:


Is 2019 the year of bizarre sneaker trends? People seem to be puzzled by these sneakers, although there are some definite fans.

On Saucony’s Instagram post about the sneakers, some commenters were clearly excited about the shoes. Others posted some LOLs. One wrote, “😂😭 these are actually real…..”