Run, Don’t Walk To Buy This $6 Award-Winning Wine From Walmart

Most people assume that good wine has to cost a pretty penny, yet the reality is that few of us can afford to drop $50-$100 on a bottle of wine every time we have a special occasion to celebrate. (Or, $12,000 for that matter. Yes, there are some people who buy wine that costs as much as a car!)

But, here is the good news: Even if money is tight, you can still afford award-winning wine. As Fox News reports, a Chilean wine that costs just $6 was recently named “Best in Show” at Decanter Magazine World Wine Awards.


It gets even better. The wine is under the Walmart umbrella, as it is sold at Asda, a British chain of stores that is owned by Walmart. So, yep, save your “People of Walmart” jokes…

What makes the wine so special? Well, the wine (La Moneda Reserva Malbec) is a soft red varietal from Chile that is said to have notes of “vanilla yogurt,” “pepper” and “black fruit.” It also recently won another award, the “2015 Best Red Single-Varietal Under £15.”

Okay, now I know what you are thinking: “Why have you tempted our tastebuds (and our wallets) with this cheap yet award-winning wine if it is only available in the U.K.? What do you expect us to do, apparate like Harry Potter in order to shop at Asda and raid the wine aisle?”

Nope. Because I saved the best news for last. Walmart is rolling out La Moneda Reserva at 500 stores across the nation. Want to know if your local store carries it? Simply give them a call.

Yes, the wine is so popular that they decided to bring this decadent offering across the pond. Make sure you ask your local store when or if La Moneda Reserva will be available at your location, because these bottles are going to go fast. In fact, after the wine received so many awards in the U.K., it sold out almost right away at Asda. So don’t sleep on this deal!

(And, don’t think you can cheat by heading to Amazon. It’s sold out there and there’s no word on if it is coming back!)